Acorns and Yeast

(Pictures to follow)

The last few days have been wonderfully stormy and rainy and we have made good use of our stove and the harvested acorns:
We made an apple crisp, some kind of pudding, some kind of fruit leather and invented the heavenly dish of yeast butter.

Here are some recipes:
Apple Crisp

For an apple crip you cut the apples into quarters and put them in a baking pan. Then you mix oatmeal and butter together. I used a whole block of butter, I think, and the rest of the oatmeal we had. Then you add chopped up nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts – we used the acorns) and mix it all together. Add some sugar and whatever else you want in there (I added some chocolate bean chips), mix and pour the mixture on your apples. Put it into the oven and bake at 180 C until the apples have the consistency you like.
If you want a more specific recipe, look up “apple crisp recipe”.
The acorns taste great in the crisp, earthy and nice!

The Pudding/Fruit Leather

Neither Jaya nor I have ever made a pudding in the English sense and didn’t feel like looking up a recipe. So we just mixed some stuff together:
Three persimmons (they didn’t taste of anything, so just use apples or whatever else you have), four or five apples, some sugar, whole oat flour, whole wheat flour, acorns. Mix together to get a doughy consistency. We put one half in a cake form and got some kind of cake and one half spread thin on a cookie sheet and got a fruit leather. The cake is ok, but I wouldn’t make it again, but the fruit leather is great!
If you don’t have whole oats to make oat flour out of, just use some oatmeal.

And now the best: The Incredible Yeast Butter!

So, Jaya wanted to eat some buttered bread, but also craves yeast, so he decided to just mix butter and yeast! Add some spices and you get a yummy spread!
We used half a block of molten butter, same volume of nutritional yeast (a half cup), some salt, pepper and voila! You’ve gotta watch out now, we ate almost two loaves of bread because the butter was so yummy.

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