The 2009 Experiment

With the beginning of the new year, my husband will begin his Elternzeit, which is the German parental leave, so for the following nine months both of us will be home. I’m very much looking forward to doing more handicrafts together because we have lots of ideas, but currently little time.
But with the parental leave comes a 33% decrease in income and since we’ll still want to save as much as possible for another future project, we’ll have to be creative and thrifty.
Now, why am I telling this? Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories from your grandparents about how during the war you had to be all inventive and thrifty. I especially remember the thing about cooking potatoes by putting them in boiling hot water and then wrapping them in a blanket. I’d always wanted to try that. So yesterday evening J said that we should try and put our breakfast oats (we make oatmeal from whole oats soaked overnight) in a thermos flask with boiling water. So we did.
This morning we opened up the thermos flask again (I was very glad it hadn’t exploded during the night… somehow I thought the volume might increase…) and lo, there was oatmeal in there! Not just cooked oats, no, mushy oatmeal! Awesome!
So with that knowledge we not only cut down on time, but also save the energy cooking and blending the oatmeal. So I’ll also try this method with our rice, etc.
But first I’ll soak my oatmeal in molasses and have a fine breakfast!

The oatmeal - from grain to mush. In the background our self-baked bread for the next one or two weeks

The oatmeal - from grain to mush. In the background our self-baked bread for the next one or two weeks


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  1. Renée

    Sounds interesting! I am going to read more of your blog to get some ideas. 🙂

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