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Lots of Reasons: Nursing and Food

As I was sitting in front of the computer, nursing my little one I stumbled upon a post by Devadeva whose blog I like to read. It was about nursing and who many people nowadays don’t nurse their children.
Anyway, I was thinking about how much I enjoy nursing and have come up with 10 good reasons why one should nurse one’s baby. If anyone can think of more – please comment!
1. It’s cozy!
2. If you have a good diet (like me 😉 ), your baby will get all it needs and more in the milk
3. Breast-milk changes with the needs of your baby: Be it the amount or what’s in it – it adjusts to meet your baby’s needs.
4. If your baby gets hungry at night and he sleeps in your bed – just roll over and give him the nipple! (He doesn’t even have to wake up for it!)
5. It’s sooo cozy!
6. It feels nice. 🙂
7. For all you ladies out there who want to loose some weight after pregnancy (not me): Breast-feeding lets you lose your excess pounds very gently.
8. No extra work preparing the milk (unlike formula).
9. The baby loves it!
10. Gives you some time to just sit and relax (or watch TV, read a book, surf the Sabjimata site…)

Now if you like good reasons and you want to have 90 of them why you should buy organic food, here is something for you! (In German, sorry!)

Now about the food… I went shopping today (meaning, I went 100 m down the road to the farmer’s) and got lots of yummy things and couldn’t resist cooking up a feast for myself and baby-man (no one else here tonight):
I had a nice oat soup (from leftover breakfast oats), brown rice with steamed Swiss chard, carrots and creamed mushrooms, leftover salad from last night’s dinner, leftover apple crisp from yesterday and a liter of mulled apple juice (organic apple juice, orange peels, fennel seeds, star anise, cinnamon, cloves). Now I’m fat and happy.

My rice, by the way, is usually cooked with seaweed. That has several reasons:
1. People say the rice cooks faster with the seaweed (never noticed
2. Seaweed is extremely good for you:  Susun Weed writes in “Healing Wise” that seaweed is:
“protective, anti-radiation, anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, anti-toxic, anti-rheumatic, antibiotic, antibacterial, alterative
nutritive, trace mineral supplement, cardio-tonic, rejuvenative, aphrodisiac
mucilaginous, emollient, demulcent, aperient, anti-constipative, diuretic
anti-stress, analgesic, calmative, anti-pyretic”
Any more questions? Ok, here a few things that stay in mind easier:
– It has the ability of drawing heavy metals out of your body and prevents damage from chemicals, certain kinds of radioactivity and heavy metals
-It halts infections and stimulates your immune system
-It gives you optimal nutrition, helps offset stress, helps lower cholesterol levels, boost stamina and “even ease sore joints”.
Well, what are you waiting for? Eat some seaweed!

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