Permaculture Diploma Portfolio Excerpts

In 2009 I started my official journey with Permaculture by taking a Permaculture Design Course taught by the amazing Aranya in England.
I have since then successfully tried to implement as many of the permaculture principles in my life and in what I do.
After the course in 2009 I have also signed up for the next step, the Permaculture Diploma. Various moves, children and a generally busy life have slowed down the journey to last almost eight educational years, but my portfolio has been handed in now.
On this page I want to share some of my designs to inspire you and help you to also integrate permaculture in your life.

1. My first garden where I spent six years and started my journey of gardening, growing and permaculture. Many or most of the posts on this blog are from when I lived there. (PDF 103 MB!)

2. A vertical pallet garden design I tried in Weilbach (PDF 3.6 MB)

3. A pond we built in Weilbach (PDF 31 MB)

4. After we moved to an apartment in Southern Germany my garden consisted of a patio of potted plants, but I wanted to try out a plant greywater treatment system (PDF 1.4 MB)

5. We moved from the apartment to an old nursery which offered lots of work, but also awesome opportunities. It came with old greenhouses and here’s my design for a multifunctional greenhouse (PDF 24 MB)

6. I started studying Japanese at university, then neglected it for a few years before restarting my studying and implementing the language in daily life to keep more at it. (PDF 5 MB)

I would love to hear from you what you think, what you do to integrate permaculture in your life and what your journey is! Leave a comment! 🙂

(These design reports were written in between 2009 and 2014. While I might do things differently nowadays, they reflect me  and my journey from back then and have therefore not been changed. You’re welcome to reference to these designs and use the reports or parts of them for yourself and your projects in a non-commercial fashion AFTER asking my permission first.)